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جميع أنواع الأقمشة


جميع أنواع الخيوط

منسوجات ومطرزات

منسوجات ومطرزات منسوجات ومطرزات

About Us

Al Mostafa Group is a well-known Egyptian garment accessories trading company since 1990. We ensure the highest quality and lowest prices without sacrifice quality as we believe in creating the long lasting business relationship with our customer. our wide range of products includes laces, trimmings, buttons ,zippers ,ribbons , yarns , elastic tapes and woven & non woven interlining .We are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of e laces specially embroidery laces.Al mostafa is your one-stop source for all garment accessories and clothing in Egypt.

  • Importing clothing accessories, textiles and embroidery
  • Trade in clothing accessories, textiles and embroidery
  • Manufacture of clothing accessories, textiles and embroidery

Al Mostafa for Garment Accessories

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